Book should be required reading

By Ákos Kovach

“Water is the fundamental resource on which communities build,” writes Doug Griffiths in Chapter 1 of his book “13 Ways to Kill Your Community,” second edition.

In this day of challenges far beyond our wildest dreams – rural America must stand tall, because rural America is the backbone of entrepreneurism, women owned businesses and job creation. But at the same time we must remain vigilant and avoid the pitfalls that are proven to ruin what we cherish the most – our unique quality of life.13 Ways To Kill Your Community

In “13 Ways,” Chapter 2, Griffiths challenges us all: “A second way to make sure your community is destined for failure (emphasis added) is to be certain you don’t attract new businesses or retain businesses you already have.”

Let that sink in a moment, this is two-part test. If a community does not actively work on business attraction how can they be successful in business retention?

This won’t be a chapter by chapter recap, because my hope is each of you interested in your community, your town and frankly – the quality of life not just in Greenlee County, but anywhere you call home.

To this point, recall an article last month penned by Supervisor David Gomez who wrote about engaging and involving our youth in governance and community affairs.

Here is what Griffiths has to say about that: “When I refer to “youth” I mean anyone approximately 35 years and younger. They are typically the most energetic individuals within your community, full of creative, innovative ideas, but not yet prejudiced by bad experiences and fruitless pursuits. Within youth lies the hope anything is still possible.”

I encourage you to find this treatise on ways to solidify the quality of life you cherish so much. Complacency is unacceptable, ignoring the value of our senior citizens is deplorable, and yes ignoring outsiders restricts your ability to interject proven concepts and solutions from other rural areas.

Find the book, please read it- then let’s start a conversation about the continued successes we all want for our community, this place we call home.

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