Touring the Library website, part 8

By Karen Soohy

There are a lot of internet resources that adults can use to help with many things. The Greenlee County Library webpage ( has links to lots of helpful pages. Just click on the ADULTS tab to explore some of these awesome resources.

The Seasoned Times link is dedicated to encouraging wise and healthy aging. It is designed for baby boomers, seniors and anyone 55+.

Eldercare is a link sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Resources and helps locate lots of information through the Administration on Aging.

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The EDUCATIONAL section of links offers links to Driving Tests and DMV Practice Tests. GCF LEARN FREE offers free courses for adults in a variety of subjects including technology and basics such as reading and math.

Looking for information on an ancestor’s burial site? Find A Grave might be able to help you get that information. Are you planning to travel internationally? Currency Converter helps you convert your money with the click of a button. Anyone who likes to print their own calendars can use WinCalendar to find a format that is easy to use. TimeTemperature links you to time zone and temperature information worldwide.

Looking for information about our world? Altapedia provides maps of countries as well as lots of statistics about every country in the world. CIA Factbook is a government site that lets you look up countries of the world and find out just about everything you could possibly want to know. Country Reports gives similar information as well as cultural summaries about countries.

MapQuest and Google Maps helps you find directions to any destination you want. ZIP Code Search takes you to the USPS website to find ZIP codes quickly. Doing any hiking or just interested in maps? PDF Quadrant Maps, a National Geographic site, lets you find and print out quadrant maps of many areas.

Medline Plus is a bilingual health information site from the National Institute of Health with up to date medical information, articles, videos and much more. If you need some job help, there is a link to the Arizona Workforce webpage.

The CONSUMER INFORMATION section includes a link to Kelly Blue Book if you need to know the value of a vehicle as well as a link to NADA for help in pricing and researching lots of information about a vehicle.

The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT links will take you to Federal Care Act page where you can find information on the current health care program. Federal Lawmaker Lookup takes you to Congressional information about voting records. Congressional Biography lets you look up background information on Congress members. Information on state Governors can be found on the USA Governors link. The House of Representatives, The Senate, Justice Department, Citizenship and Immigration and the White House pages can be accessed through the links provided.

Need a pamphlet that is published by the federal government? The US Government Publications link will let you search for what you need and obtain a copy. If you need information on loans that the federal government makes to people and businesses, click on the US Government Loans link. The US Geological Survey link has lots of material including articles, maps, scientific information and current news reports.

The National Archives link lets you search our country’s historical documents, photos and records. Veteran records are also available on this site as well as the country’s founding documents. Social Studies teachers can also find valuable lesson plan information here. The link to the Census Bureau has an amazing amount of information about our population and much more on its page.

The Library of Congress is a massive website that contains materials for everyone. There is even a Law Library available as well as a link to the Patent Office.

The last section on the Adult Resources page focuses on Arizona resources. There are links to Arizona Legislative Information as well as the Arizona Revised Statutes. You can visit the official State of Arizona webpage to find out what is happening in our state. The Arizona State Library, Records and Archives link takes you to the Secretary of State’s page. This page will also accesses ASK Arizona, the Digital Free Library and public records. Arizona Maps Online is also connected to this site.

The Online Law Forms link gives you access to free law forms for Arizona. Other law related sites are the Arizona Attorney General’s page and Arizona Law Help.

That was a lot of information but we make it easy for you…just click the link. We try to provide as much help as we can at the library and on line. If you have a link you would like to recommend, just tell one of the librarians and they will pass the word along.

Next tour will explore the kids and teen resources we share online.

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