Clifton Council Corner: Code enforcement

Code Enforcement:

The primary mission of the Town of Clifton Police Department and Code Enforcement is to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the public through the administration and uniform enforcement of laws and regulations related to land use, building construction and property maintenance of the town.

Neighborhood complaints have triggered the police department and code enforcement to crackdown of the following: Parking, unpermitted travel trailers and RV’s, unpermitted lease of required space, accessory buildings/lots prohibited as living quarters and prohibited use of building or lots. 

There has been a rise in public disturbances, disorderly conduct, trespassing, disturbing the peace, nuisances and loitering.

The Police Department and Code Enforcement has been working to make Clifton safe and appealing and although there is a noticeable improvement around town, there is still a lot of work to be done. It is important to contact the Police Department or Code Enforcement with any complaints. We cannot resolve a situation if we are not made aware of the complaint.

With the assistance of town residents, we believe that the town can do a better job of managing the influx of contractors and maintain the quality of the town.


Anything which is injurious to health, or is indecent, or offensive to the senses, or an obstruction to the free use of property by an entire community or neighborhood, or which unlawfully obstructs the free passage or use, in the customary manner, of any public park, square, alley, sidewalk, street or highway, is a public nuisance, and is no less a nuisance because the extent of the annoyance or damage inflicted is unequal.

Sale or Lease of Required Space Prohibited

No space needed to meet the width, yard, area, coverage, parking, frontage on a public street, or other requirement of this title for a lot of building may be sold, bequeathed, or leased apart from such lot, nor shall any land be sold which will result in an existing or future lot for dwelling purposes that does not comply with all of the provisions of this title.

Accessory Buildings/Lot Prohibited as Living Quarters

Living and sleeping quarters shall not be permitted in any accessory building or lot in any residential zone.

Unpermitted Travel Trailers

No occupied trailer house or mobile home shall be placed on any lot or parcel of land within the town except in compliance with one or more of the following conditions:

  1. When temporarily located on a lot on which a building is being constructed, but not to exceed one year, provided that a bond or mortgage on the trailer house or other property in the amount of two hundred dollars shall first be posted with the town guaranteeing the removal of the trailer house from the lot within one year from date of permit;

  2. When placed in an approved mobile home park or travel trailer court;

  3. When placed in an approved mobile home subdivision;

  4. When located in the R-3-A and R-3-M zones and all of the regulations of the R-3-A and R-3-M zones are complied with pertaining to area and width of lot, size of yards and height and size of buildings.

Unattended Trash Cans

Town officials continue to receive complaints about containers left on the town’s sidewalks and streets. As a reminder during the November 15, 2012 council meeting it was approved by the Town Council to change the ordinance from a criminal offense to a civil offense.

Trash containers may be placed on the sidewalk or curb in front of the residence beginning at 5:00 am on the day of trash collection. Trash containers must be removed from public right of ways by 7:00 pm on trash collection day. Those who regularly fail to remove their trash containers from the town’s sidewalks and streets are subject to and can be cited and fined. Citations will be issued to the chronic abuser(s) who fail to remove their trash container(s) from the town’s sidewalks and curbs.

As outlined in Ordinance 03-2012, convictions for violations could carry an incarceration of 6 months in jail and/or a fine of $2,500. This ordinance change was to charge the violator(s) as a civil offense and designed to add a measure of safety for the town’s residents who would no longer need to dodge trash containers while walking on the town’s sidewalks or driving on the town’s streets.

For additional information concerning any of the above concerns please contact:

Angel Maldonado, Code Enforcement Officer at (928) 865-4146.


IF YOU SEE OR HEAR ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS: Immediately contact the Clifton Police Department at 911 or 928-865-4145 or 928-865-4566

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;

An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

~ Take Pride In Clifton ~

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