Clifton Council Corner: Sewer upgrade needed

(This guest article is provided by Clifton Town Manager Ian McGaughey.)

There are few things less glamorous than municipal sewer systems. But when you stop to think about it, there are really few things in municipal operations that are so important.

I think it’s safe to say that when we wash the dishes or flush the toilet, we all assume the sewer system is going to do its part and take our wastewater away. Far away. Out of sight, out of mind.

But in the past few years, the uncomfortable reality that Clifton’s wastewater treatment plant and collections system (essentially the pipes and lift stations) are reaching a tipping point of deterioration.

The treatment plant was built in 1954. That’s when Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio married Marilyn Monroe. It’s when “Rock Around The Clock” was at the top of the charts. That’s a long time ago.Continue reading

New Campbell Blue Bridge opened 

bridge dedication

By Philip Ronnerud

Although the Campbell Blue Bridge site remains a construction zone  traffic is allowed to use the bridge. The Blue Road, which is about 3 hours from Clifton and serves the local residents, land managers,  hunters and recreational users. The road is also the only year round access to the one-room Blue School.

To the best of our knowledge the Campbell Blue Bridge was built during the 1930s then improved in early 1950s. As most major drainage ways, the Blue River was used by native Americans and explorers. The European settlers improved the path to a road which became the route from Clifton, Arizona to Reserve, New Mexico.Continue reading

Clifton Council Corner: Code enforcement

Code Enforcement:

The primary mission of the Town of Clifton Police Department and Code Enforcement is to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the public through the administration and uniform enforcement of laws and regulations related to land use, building construction and property maintenance of the town.

Neighborhood complaints have triggered the police department and code enforcement to crackdown of the following: Parking, unpermitted travel trailers and RV’s, unpermitted lease of required space, accessory buildings/lots prohibited as living quarters and prohibited use of building or lots. Continue reading

Touring the Library website, part 8

By Karen Soohy

There are a lot of internet resources that adults can use to help with many things. The Greenlee County Library webpage ( has links to lots of helpful pages. Just click on the ADULTS tab to explore some of these awesome resources.

The Seasoned Times link is dedicated to encouraging wise and healthy aging. It is designed for baby boomers, seniors and anyone 55+.

Eldercare is a link sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Resources and helps locate lots of information through the Administration on Aging.

You can easily visit our Facebook page by using the link provided. Visit and LIKE us when you have time to browse.Continue reading

Clifton Council Corner: Festival of Lights winners

By Mayor Felix Callicotte

Festival of Lights”

Each December, the Town of Clifton sponsors the Festival of Lights, a major holiday celebration that brings together residents to kick off the holiday season in Clifton and surrounding Greenlee County. Clifton’s Festival of Lights is one of the largest electric light parades in small town Arizona.

Clifton’s Festival of Lights is a family-focused event that people can make an entire day and night out for a community event and it worked again this year, the 21st year. The real fun is seeing all the families out for the afternoon activities and then getting excited about the parade of lights floats. For the past 20 years the only real complaint about the Festival of Lights celebration was that it didn’t last long enough. As a holiday and community celebration, the day-long event has become so popular and successful that revelers are reluctant to leave when it is over.

Our 21st year event was no different it had it all, food and entertainment along with the floats, emergency vehicles, and various other entries that were all brightly lit creating the awe-inspiringly beautiful “Classic Christmas Cinema” event theme. The Festival of Lights provides the opportunity for us all to meet our neighbors, enjoy our community and just have a great time. Continue reading