Does Greenlee need more housing?

By Ákos Kovach


That is the current number of families or individuals waiting for housing in Morenci. So one would deduce that yes, Greenlee County needs housing.

But what does the buying public want? Or what do they expect? Compare those facts with what is available on the market today, there is a big difference between current housing inventory and the demand that is bursting at the seams.Housing graphic

The Greenlee Housing Feasibility Study is responding to and addressing the various questions, needs, concerns, wants and desires of the consumer public. Some only want to rent, the cheaper the monthly rent the better. Others understand a free market rental environment and know how to weigh the best deal between renting and owning. The remainder simply wants to buy and own a home.

Just the beginning

But this is just the beginning. Townhomes are very popular, as are duplexes, triplexes and of course stand-alone single family dwellings. Then one must look at price point. If buyers can only budget $750 a month how much home does that buy? So the deeper you look, the more questions there are.

The flip side is: what is the tipping point for a builder to come in and take a risk on building a home without first having a buyer? In order to stage equipment, supplies, manpower and efficiency of scale it might mean a builder needs to build 3, 4 or 5 homes at a time to keep costs down and a close on the return (profit) on their investment. No profit? No reason to build.

And so the Greenlee Housing Feasibility Study will soon outline all these layers of questions and answers, single family versus multi family; renters versus owners. As we have news, of course, the Greenlee Clarion will report along with our social media platform – Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. We thank you for your interest in Greenlee County!

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