Which other industries are best for Greenlee?

By Ákos Kovach

There is probably more interest and activity related to Greenlee County right now than there has been for many years. It is the culmination of several groups, lots of people and economic momentum coming together all at the right time.

One of those activities is actually better defined as a process – the Target Industry Analysis.Target industry analysis

Basically it is a methodology by which stakeholders interact with a consultant and with each other. They help gather data, encourage their friends, family and colleagues to take the target industry survey. There is a data input component plus of course online access as well.

Over a period of months, goals are assessed, and reassessed. The results are refined to reflect the best possible industries alongside our highest likelihood of attracting such an industry.

What is job diversity?

Why? Job diversity is a top priority, but so is the goal of keeping our young people closer to home while providing meaningful career opportunities.

With job diversity comes additional economic stability, so when copper prices go down our economy has other employers, new taxpayers and a stabilizing lineup of financial backing to keep homebuilders motivated to keep on building.

A vibrant homebuilding environment stimulates those willing to risk millions of dollars on building a new hotel, and so it goes.

With the first organizational meeting of the Target Industry Analysis Steering Committee about to take place, we embark on a road very important to the future of Greenlee County. Stay tuned here in the Greenlee Clarion and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook.

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