Do we want the Clifton Hill Climb?

By Ákos Kovach

Here is the thing – do we as a community want to bring back the Clifton Hill Climb permanently? The time to answer that question is right now.

Organizing, and paying for the upfront costs, of this event are significant. It is imperative that real support from both the public and private sectors stand up and be counted. The serious parties currently involved in the effort to bring the Clifton Hill Climb back need to know that we as a community can and will support the event – show up, attract vendors, invite family and friends, make suggestions on ways to make this as big and successful as possible.

Clifton Hill ClimbAmong the ideas that have been brought forward – turn the Ward Canyon ballfields into the vendor area and staging for a paddock area. Another aspect of the planning revolves around televising the races. The parade would remain as a highly public and visible event, as well as the Drivers Appreciation and Awards Dinner.

There is an impressive core group, mostly drivers and former drivers, many of wh0m reside outside Greenlee County, who want to bring this family-friendly event back to our race fans. It has been discussed that we honor Mayor Felix Callicotte in some special way, as well as Esther Tavison.

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