Hotter and drier future

By Philip Ronnerud

No, I do not believe that the world is on the verge of heating up till all is left are deserts dry and barren devoid of life.

Wait a minute now, I have lived most of my life in a desert. It get hot in the summer, cool (as compared to Minnesota’s cold) in the winter, and dry except during the monsoons or when a hurricane blows in off the Gulf of California, yet it teams with life.

Yes, I do believe that temperatures trends swing through the centuries – just like people which change. The science has found that dry periods and the wet periods happen. Generally, we have surmised that temperatures have changed also. Even in a short 100-years of stream flow record fluctuations and trends are easy to discern.

As a community that is dependent upon surface water, draughts are unwelcome. To discuss this climate variability, the Gila Watershed Partnership is sponsoring a seminar to confer on the effects of and the response to a limited water supply. Ongoing planning work will be reviewed and locals who deal with and have to plan for draught will speak on the subject of “Adaption to a Hotter and Drier Future.” Since this is a desert, all of us live through periods of limited precipitation. In short, to continue living here the community will need to adopt strategies that address the issues.

While, wells make the water problem less pressing. Mining of ground water has consequences. In some localities the water table is showing the stress. Therefore, consideration of draught is important.

The meeting will be held January 11, 2019, Eastern Arizona College. A nominal fee is being charged. Valuable information will be exchanged. We hope to see you.

Adapting to hotter future

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