World-class customer service

by Ákos Kovach

Where is Greenlee County? This is a question often asked of Greenlee County ambassadors as they travel the state.

Where is Clifton? Where is Duncan? You have a golf course? And yes, this gets frustrating.

The old attitude was to ‘let sleeping dogs lie’, but the new Board of Supervisors are eager to change for the better. We all agree on the need for new residential housing; a hotel with meeting space and many also hope we can attract a fuel station that can accommodate big trucks as well as the traveling public while offering convenience products and an additional restaurant.

But just as in life, business must take one step at a time. We need to be certain of our best choices, finding like-minded investors, and generating the best possible image for visitors and travelers to take home with them after spending a little time in Greenlee County.Continue reading