Morenci Lions Club makes a difference

By Tom Powers

Good things you may not know until you read this article:

The Morenci Lions Club is a cross section of community minded citizens that seek to make our community a better place to live, work, and raise families. Often folks will find themselves in less fortunate situations. The Lions want of help those in need. The major focus of this group is to provide eyeglass assistance, a Christmas program for those in need and scholarships for graduating students. We also help organizations like the Mt. Graham Safehouse with their fund raising efforts.

The Morenci Lions Club will participate in the Clifton Festival of Lights with a fund raising booth on Dec 1st . They will be serving both hamburgers and corn on the cob. Any funds raised go to offset costs for the Christmas Assistance Program.Continue reading

Learn this phrase: Opportunity Zone

By Ákos Kovach

If there is anything we can all agree on is IRS codes, rules, programs and definitions make our heads spin like the girl in the Exorcist. But those of us who dig deeper than headlines and sound bites know that all good things require facts – generally found through research and by asking lots of questions.

For several months (over a year in fact) the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) has lead the charge here in Arizona and in Greenlee County specifically, to motivate us in securing not one but two Opportunity Zones in Greenlee County.

First, a thank you to Keith Watkins Senior Vice President of Economic and Rural Development at the ACA. Keith gave me a reminder call last year to inquire about the Greenlee County application for Opportunity Zone status. Without Keith’s outreach I might have missed the deadline to get our application finalized before the deadline.Continue reading

Hotter and drier future

By Philip Ronnerud

No, I do not believe that the world is on the verge of heating up till all is left are deserts dry and barren devoid of life.

Wait a minute now, I have lived most of my life in a desert. It get hot in the summer, cool (as compared to Minnesota’s cold) in the winter, and dry except during the monsoons or when a hurricane blows in off the Gulf of California, yet it teams with life.

Yes, I do believe that temperatures trends swing through the centuries – just like people which change. The science has found that dry periods and the wet periods happen. Generally, we have surmised that temperatures have changed also. Even in a short 100-years of stream flow record fluctuations and trends are easy to discern.Continue reading

Meghan Wagley gets top honor

By Dee Porter

Meghan Wagley of Chaparral Mini Mart & Motel in Duncan has been named the top woman in business in Greenlee County.

She received the honor during the Gila Valley Small Business Woman of the Year awards ceremony at Eastern Arizona College Oct. 25.

Meghan WagleyJenny Howard is the 2018 winner for Graham County. She is the owner of Ginaveve’s Market Place in Safford.

On Thursday, October 25, 2018, the Gila Valley Small Business Woman of the Year Awards were presented at Eastern Arizona College in the Gherald Hoopes Jr. Activities Center. There were 100 people in attendance. Excellent refreshments were enjoyed as the evening started off with Charmaine Chidester welcoming the nominees and all of the guests, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the invocation.Continue reading

Thankful for County workers

By Kay Gale
Greenlee County Administrator

In this time of thanksgiving, I want to express my thanks to a group of people that sometimes are the unsung heroes.

I’m talking about the employees that keep our historic courthouse beautiful. They take so much pride in making sure this 107-year-old building is here for another 100 years.

Greenlee County CourthouseI’m talking about the IT staff that responds to our demand that there is something wrong with the computers, the life blood of our daily existence.

I’m talking about the clerical staff in every office that make sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes.

I’m talking about the dispatcher who takes that call in the middle of the night and makes sure a deputy gets safely to an emergency call.

I’m talking about that road crew worker that responds during the rain storms to make sure that our roads are safe.

I think you can see the pattern here. I’m thankful for the county employee.

I’m thankful to be a part of this great county and this “family.” We have so much to be thankful for in this great country, state and county.

During this season of thanksgiving, my hope is that each of us takes the time to recognize the everyday work that makes our lives in America the place that people around the world want for themselves.

Do we want the Clifton Hill Climb?

By Ákos Kovach

Here is the thing – do we as a community want to bring back the Clifton Hill Climb permanently? The time to answer that question is right now.

Organizing, and paying for the upfront costs, of this event are significant. It is imperative that real support from both the public and private sectors stand up and be counted. The serious parties currently involved in the effort to bring the Clifton Hill Climb back need to know that we as a community can and will support the event – show up, attract vendors, invite family and friends, make suggestions on ways to make this as big and successful as possible.

Clifton Hill ClimbAmong the ideas that have been brought forward – turn the Ward Canyon ballfields into the vendor area and staging for a paddock area. Another aspect of the planning revolves around televising the races. The parade would remain as a highly public and visible event, as well as the Drivers Appreciation and Awards Dinner.

There is an impressive core group, mostly drivers and former drivers, many of wh0m reside outside Greenlee County, who want to bring this family-friendly event back to our race fans. It has been discussed that we honor Mayor Felix Callicotte in some special way, as well as Esther Tavison.

Please reply to .

Which other industries are best for Greenlee?

By Ákos Kovach

There is probably more interest and activity related to Greenlee County right now than there has been for many years. It is the culmination of several groups, lots of people and economic momentum coming together all at the right time.

One of those activities is actually better defined as a process – the Target Industry Analysis.Target industry analysis

Basically it is a methodology by which stakeholders interact with a consultant and with each other. They help gather data, encourage their friends, family and colleagues to take the target industry survey. There is a data input component plus of course online access as well.

Over a period of months, goals are assessed, and reassessed. The results are refined to reflect the best possible industries alongside our highest likelihood of attracting such an industry.Continue reading

Does Greenlee need more housing?

By Ákos Kovach


That is the current number of families or individuals waiting for housing in Morenci. So one would deduce that yes, Greenlee County needs housing.

But what does the buying public want? Or what do they expect? Compare those facts with what is available on the market today, there is a big difference between current housing inventory and the demand that is bursting at the seams.Housing graphic

The Greenlee Housing Feasibility Study is responding to and addressing the various questions, needs, concerns, wants and desires of the consumer public. Some only want to rent, the cheaper the monthly rent the better. Others understand a free market rental environment and know how to weigh the best deal between renting and owning. The remainder simply wants to buy and own a home.Continue reading

Small Business Woman nominations sought

Small Business Woman of the YearThe 6th Annual Gila Valley Small Business Woman of the Year Awards, an event to celebrate women business owners in Graham & Greenlee Counties, is coming up in October.

It’s now nomination time, with a deadline of 5 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 11.

How Does It Work?

Nominate any local woman small business owner you think deserves to win this award (please nominate only one individual per form).

Nominations will be reviewed by an appointed committee and two winners will be selected.

At a reception held on Thursday, Oct. 25, all nominees who attend will be recognized and receive a gift. Two of these nominees, one from Graham County and one from Greenlee County, will be recognized as our Grand Prize Winners and each will receive $1,000.Continue reading

Cash for College scholarship event Oct. 30

To the editor:
Cash for College has been moved to October. Attached is a short article. If possible, please put this in the October Clarion.
Ted Prina

Eastern Arizona College, the United Way of Graham and Greenlee Counties and the Arizona Community Foundation of the Gila Valley have partnered to present the Fourth Annual Cash for College Scholarship Awareness Night. This free event is an opportunity for Greenlee and Graham County students, families, and educators to learn more about post-secondary scholarships available for both traditional and non-traditional college students. College cost planning and FAFSA application assistance will also be topics of discussion.Continue reading